Votive Candle Burn Times

TableTop Lighting's bulk votive candles are listed with burn times based on burning the candle in a properly fitting tapered glass holder to ensure maximum burn times. Other glass votive cups may be used, but the votive burn time may fall short of the products specified burn time.

To ensure maximum burn times:

  • The size of the glass is a tremendous factor in the votives overall burn time.ย  Use a tight fitting tapered glass votive holder.
  • If the votive glass or holder allows the wax to pool out beyond the heat range of the wick, the wax will never be totally consumed, and therefore decreases the stated burn time.
  • In order to maximize the total burn time, it is necessary for all the wax to be consumed.

Another important factor in votive candle burning is the size of the candleโ€™s wax pool. If glass has a significantly larger diameter than the votive, there is a risk that the liquid wax will be unable to run off the candle and fill the space between the votive and the glass. If this run off never makes it back to the level of where the flame begins, the votive could fizzle or drown itself. When the candle pools out and appears liquid at least a quarter of an inch down the votive, the candle burns hotter; creating a better luminescent candle with an ideal wax pool.