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Wholesale Prices for Bulk Luminary Candles, Floating Candles, Votive Candles, Tealight Candles, Pillar Candles, and Wedding Candles. Better Quality Unscented Candles and Made in the USA!

TableTop Lighting candles are completely made in the USA. Dreaming of enchanting wedding candles? Beautiful unscented wedding pillar candles are dripless and clean burning and available in white, ivory, and vanilla colors. Votive candles are an inexpensive way to add some charm and elegance to your rehearsal dinner, reception, and table centerpieces. Brides and wedding planners love our floating candles, pillar candles, votive candles, and many more varieties of candles to make your wedding day feel even more special. We offer them unscented, in bulk at affordable prices, and packaged with an extra bit of love ♥.

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  • Amazing Wedding Pillar Candles with Fast Shipping Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Amazing Company - I can’t thank you enough for how easy it was ordering these wedding pillar candles! I placed my order on a Wednesday and they were delivered to me on Friday! I didn’t ask nor pay for express shipping! If brides aren’t ordering from TableTop lighting...they’re adding undue stress! I will keep recommending this amazing company!!"


  • Made in the USA Wedding Candles Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Made In the USA - I am getting married to my boyfriend of 7 years, who was actively in the military our whole relationship. It was important to us to get wedding items made in the USA in order to support our country. We love where these wedding candles are made and we love this company for supporting American products."


  • Emergency Survival Candle Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Thankful for Safety - Living in a place with a lot of hurricanes, our family always buys a lot of candles. When we heard that one was a threat, we bought a ton of emergency fuel cell candles to keep our family safe. We were without power for 2 weeks and these survival candles were our life saver. Thank you for keeping my family in as much comfort as they could with these candles."


  • Church Service Taper Candles Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Church Service - Our church was having a big event. We needed a lot of taper candles for our prayer time, and it was so beautiful. The candles lit up the room in such an amazing way. The view melted my heart and gave me and my grandchildren amazing memories. Thank you for these candles."


  • Romantic Proposal Candlelit Dinner Candles Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Proposal - I went online to look for candles for a romantic dinner. I planned to propose to my girlfriend. The tealight candles were good quality and I will have her order more for our wedding."


  • Sweet 16 Birthday Votive Candles Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Small Business - My restaurant was having a big birthday party for a sweet 16. We ordered all the votive candles from this site. They came in a good timely manner and were very bright. Will be ordering again."


  • Unscented Tealight Candle Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Unscented Good Candles - Candles are normally all throughout my home, but I am very sensitive to the smells they let off. When I found this site selling these unscented tealight candles in bulk, I had to buy some. I love my candles and I love that they are unscented!"


  • Big Wedding Candle Review Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Big Wedding - I needed to order wedding candles in bulk for my upcoming wedding. This company was perfect at sending a large amount of good quality candles! I will definitely recommend this for my friend's upcoming wedding!"


  • Christmas Party Pillar Candles Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Christmas Party - I had been planning a Christmas party since late September 2017. I wanted a lot of pillar candles for the dinner, so I ordered a set of 12 from this website. They burned all day and night. It was wonderful."


  • Luminary Candles Review - Testimonial for TableTopLighting.com

    "Luminary Candles - I am a lover of candles. I wanted big and bright candles for my son's wedding. The customizing options for the larger wicks was awesome. My son will have the brightest wedding ever!"


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